Amateur footballer killed by teammates in Uganda

A local football player in Lamwano District, North Uganda died on Saturday after he was reportedly assaulted by teammates.

Churchill Owaci was supposedly attacked by his teammates after he made an error leading to goal in a friendly match, as reported by the Daily Monitor.

Churchill, 22, was playing as a central defender in this particular match. 

His teammates pounced on him and beat him before they were separated by a peacemaker.

Later after the game, however, Owaci pushed one of the aggresors in an act of revenge – provoking a fight which proved to be fatal for the young man.

The Answa Regional Police spokesperson, ASP Jimmy Patrick Okema, opened up on the murder.

“The deceased in a revenge act pushed one of the people that had earlier beaten him, from the bicycle which provoked another fight. The deceased collapsed a few metres away from the fight scene and was rushed to Agoro Health Centre III, where he was pronounced dead a few hours later.” 

Two suspects have since been detained.