Amokachi: More Nigerians in Europe will only benefit domestic football

Nigerian legend and sports presidential advisor to Muhammadu Buhari, Daniel Amokachi, has recently come out and admitted that the more Nigerians continue to shine in Europe, the better the Nigerian Professional Football League will become.

AFHQ reported the poor state of the West African nation’s domestic set-up after former national head coach, Christian Chukwu, said that neglect had become the norm in the NPSL and believed that much potential falls by the wayside due to the lack of attention given by the Nigerian Football Federation

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However, Amokachi holds a slightly different opinion and believes that the more Nigerians get scouted and play abroad, the move attention the domestic league will receive, and the more interest it will attract from scouts.

“Nigeria’s foreign-based players have been performing well in their various clubs, which has forced agents to turn their attention to the country,” the former Everton man told The Guardian Nigeria.

“Look at Senegalese players… most of them play for top clubs abroad and that brings respect to their players anywhere they go. It also entices more people to go for their players.

“Our players need to keep giving their best abroad to attract respect for every Nigerian player,” he added.