Breaking: Former CAF SG Amr Fahmy dies at 37

Former CAF Secreteary General and candidate for CAF Presidency Amr Mostafa Fahmy has suddenly passed away at the young age of 37.

Fahmy’s family had an extensive history at CAF. Fahmy’s grandfather Mourad served as General Secretary of African football’s governing body from 1961-1982. Mourad was replaced by his son Mostafa, who held the post until 2010.

Amr Fahmy was appointed as general secretary in late 2017. His bombshell accusations of CAF president Ahmad Ahmad’s corruption sent shockwaves throughout the footballing world.

He accused Ahmad of ordering him to pay $20,000 bribes into accounts of African soccer association presidents and misusing other funds. He was fired by Ahmad after the accusations.

He planned to run for the CAF Presidency in 2021, which signaled a potentially new age of CAF leadership free from the vice of corruption.

Amr had suffered a serious health challenge that required brain surgery, during his tenure as CAF Secretary General. It was thought he had been recovering well from this, before his sudden death.

Fahmy held a FIFA Master’s in Management, Law and Humanities of Sport. He served at France-based Lagardère Sports as director of operations for Africa and he worked with the CAF Competitions Division between 2007 and 2015 as the tournament director for the Africa Cup of Nations.

May his soul rest in peace.