How African Football Clubs can use Social Media to take advantage of the stoppage in football

What used to be stadiums filled with noisy fans have now turned into empty matchday centers. Once hallowed grounds have quickly transformed into highly-dreaded locations. The practice of social distancing now means there’s neither hugging nor kissing to celebrate goals and mourn losses.

Football, usually alive and well on football pitches the world over, is now on life support. Fans have now been left with no choice than to relive old games and spend time contrasting and comparing various players and teams on the internet.

Instead of stadiums and viewing centers, these conversations are now taking place on social media.

Identifying this new ‘hang-out’ spot for football fans, football organizations are now producing more content on these platforms, mainly for consumption’s sake. As people practice social distancing, they get all the more endeared with their favorite stars/teams online.

However, this seems like an initiative that has only been taken seriously by European football clubs.

While there are several examples, one particular case study has to be a post on Zenit St. Petersburg’s Twitter page.

In a tweet that went viral, the club was shown delivering an award to their player, Malcom, in an unconventional style.

While this seemed normal for lovers of European club football, it left those who loved African club football wondering. While they loved the content, a number of them, like me, started asking questions about the activity of Africa’s top clubs on social media.

You see, these European clubs have found a way to ensure that they’re always in our faces. From videos featuring old games to quizzes and exclusive content, they have mastered (or should I say, they’re mastering) the art of catching our attention and making sure it’s theirs for keeps.

On the other hand, African clubs are not doing enough to satisfy the cravings of their teeming fans on social media. 

Let me pause here for a minute and say…

It’d be unfair to categorize all the African clubs as being inactive on social media these last few days.

While the North and South African sides are keeping those timelines active, most clubs in the West are dulling, passing on opportunities worth millions (yeah, you read right, millions). It’s no wonder the gap between both regions, in terms of football, is increasing by the day.

Sticking with Zenit’s viral tweet, here are a few things that African football clubs can learn – and also implement.

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