How African Football Clubs can use Social Media to take advantage of the stoppage in football

  1. The Use of Video in Content Marketing

One of the major reasons that tweet earned 91 retweets and 328 likes in 12 days – April 10 – April 22 – was because of two powerful combinations

  • Video
  • The type of content

While I’ll touch on content later, let’s talk about video.

According to the Guardian, video content is set to become more search friendly and has seen as much as 5x higher conversion rates any social platforms, with experts predicting that 80% of all digital content will be video by 2020. 

You can resonate with this research, right?

These days, the videos get more of the attention, rather than written, graphic or audio content.

It’s no wonder then, that Zenit’s Malcolm tweet blew up so quickly.

African clubs should step forward and adopt this strategy. We need more video clips, including that of training sessions, feisty contests, or even of players answering questions posed by fans. 

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