How African Football Clubs can use Social Media to take advantage of the stoppage in football

2. Choice of Content

Fair to say that users of a medium like Twitter and Instagram are already used to pictures.

And they scroll by as quickly as possible.

Well, that’s what happens when it’s just a random picture.

I daresay no football fan will scroll past an image or video or infographic that will

  • Help them understand the workings of African club football better
  • See exclusive content of players, managers or backroom staff
  • Fans get closer with their favorite players or get familiar with the ones they don’t know


Most people already forgot where Malcom was playing. That video served as a refresher course for some fans. And now thanks to the same video, it’ll be hard to forget that Malcom is a Zenit player.

African clubs should keep their pages active with content that will endear fans to the organization. Quizzes, competitions are just some of the content types that should be considered. 

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