How African Football Clubs can use Social Media to take advantage of the stoppage in football

3. Helping the Players

As mentioned above, Malcom gained more traction after that video was published. It’s fair to say that he must have earned some extra followers over time. This model can be adopted by clubs in Africa, thereby giving their players a platform to shine and build a fanbase that they can use to influence for the club.

Making them more visible is a win-win situation for these clubs. More eyeballs on your content increased anticipation and more visibility. And although it’s not related to on-the-pitch matters, it’s a classic way to win off the pitch.

In this era, there’s no excuse for any club to leave their social media account, featuring thousands of followers, for months without content. Content, in the right context, and the appropriate distribution, is king. And African clubs, starting from today, should take a leaf from Zenit’s playbook and start executing.