Doesn’t Yaya Toure deserve a statue instead of Silva? | Twitter Reacts

The symbolism of statues in football has never been something that gets done on a whim. To have a statue erected, you have to have done something extraordinary as a footballer and be seen as transformative not only within your club or fan base but within the confines of the game.

For former FC Barcelona and Manchester City midfield talisman, Yaya Toure, at his peak, David Silva was not viewed as a legend. Was he seen as a good creative player perhaps? Yes, but is that the only requirement necessary to be immortalized? Maybe or maybe not, but shouldn’t there more to achieving legendary status than just being a very good footballer?

When Toure arrived in Manchester, coincidently in the same season that Silva joined from Valencia, the former Ivory Coast international would become the fulcrum of the Sky Blues’ pre-Pep Guardiola success, with the club often hinging on his ability to open up defenses, score goals from deeper midfield positions and lead from the middle.

And by the time ‘Big Yaya’ left the Etihad, he’d scored 79 goals and earned himself an impressive 50 assists in 316 matches.

Although Silva, who won the FIFA World Cup with Spain, registered almost double the number of assists (140) Toure achieved, the former Barcelona man’s influence expanded past statistics and his leadership along with former City captain Vincent Kompany carried a highly talented squad.

With that said, here are some the social media reactions to Silva’s statue set to stand outside the Citizen’s home ground.