GFA will wait on Government’s green light before current season will restart

The Ghana Premier League will continue to be suspended for the time being as the Ghana Football Association is awaiting the go-ahead decision from the Government of Ghana before football comes back in the country

There has been pressure on the GFA to cancel the current league as has been the case of many leagues being cancelled in the continent.

The GFA, however, isn’t keen to do the same at the moment as they believe there’s time between now till the end of the year to put some plans in place to ensure the safety of players, coaches and football loving fans in the country before restarting the season

GFA Communications Director, Henry Asante Twum stated emphatically that some of the clubs want 2019/20 league season to be cancelled but that will only depend on the decision from the first gentleman of the land.

“The President was blunt [at the meeting] when the clubs started asking. Some of the clubs feel the season should be canceled,” Asante Twum told TV3.

“There have been a number of opinions that have come from medical experts, and the decision to suspend the games was not made in a vacuum.”

“Currently we are in limbo because, for three years running, we have not had a full season in the Ghana Premier League. So taking a decision to truncate it is something that needs a lot of deliberation. The President has told the clubs, they are in the consultation process and will come out with a decision when the government gives the go-ahead for the league to resume,” Asante Twum stated.

The GFA has held fruitful discussions between the league clubs over the last couple of weeks and certainly some key decisions have been made but the GFA still holds on to the plan to keep the games under suspension until the Government of Ghana lifts the ban on social gathering.

Aduana Stars are top of the Ghana Premier League with 28 points before the league was halted.