Iconic figure in Algerian football passes away

Mohand-Chérif Hannachi has passed away. His name will forever be linked to JS Kabylie, a club to which he devoted his entire life to. 

Curiously, his first name indicates the man he was, Mohand to highlight his Kabyle identity, Chérif as to illustrate the sheriff role he played in order to defend his JSK.

Hannachi played as a centre-back for JSK from 1969 to 1983, winning six Algerian Ligue 1 titles and the 1981 African Cup of Champions Clubs. His playing career was characterized by his fierce determination to defend the team, even if it meant using gestures worthy of a karate match.

Following his retirement he chaired the club. He notably changed the club colors from red and green to yellow and green. Among his feats was the historic successive treble in the CAF Cup, which is still unmatched to date.

Mohand-Chérif Hannachi rose to prominence in Africa by commanding respect from all he encountered. It was because he just wanted to fiercely protect his JSK in all circumstances, even if it meant dragging his slayers into the scandal!

Hannachi led the club from 1983 to 2017, during which the club won ten trophies, including four Algerian Ligue 1 titles.

He passed away on Friday November 13 aged 70 in Algiers after battling an illness.

Mohand-Chérif Hannachi gave JSK wings, allowing them to fly very high in the sky, not far from where he is now. He won this club so much that he has now earned the right to rest in peace!