If Frequent Flyer, Relax Gaming’s slot machine themed on frequent flyers, is any indication,

the studio’s staff must be restless. In this game, which takes place in an airport—hardly the most romantic of settings—players jet off to the kind of exotic locale that would make their Facebook pals green with envy. Along the way, players can increase their winnings by taking use of a two-tiered free spin feature. Flying was apparently far more glamorous back in the day, before social media and selfie sticks made vacationing obsolete. You’ve seen the pictures of the planes with economy seats that look like Lazy Boy loungers, the flight attendants pouring champagne to all passengers, and maybe even the photos of people smoking on planes. Before 9/11, passing through airport security wasn’t an exercise in constant feeling of violation.

Frequent Flyer is a 6-reel, 40-payline slot machine that takes players back to this halcyon era of air travel. The game takes place in front of a constantly updating flight information board, while the terminal behind the reels is decorated with vintage airplanes. It’s a bit of a mishmash of eras, what with the Art Deco details and the relaxed jazz sound, but it kind of works. Warm tawny tones illuminate the area, giving it a hint of melancholy radiance.

The game boasts a return to player percentage of 96.14% and may be played from 10 p/c to $/€100 per spin across all devices. An average value that, along with relatively low volatility, should please individuals who prefer a calmer lifestyle. Take, for example, a tour of a favela, a trip to Chernobyl, or shark cage diving.

The game features 8 different regular pay symbols, including 4 low-paying ones (clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds). On the other side are four tall figures depicting world-famous locations such the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, the Sphinx/Pyramid, and the Chureito Temple in front of Mt. Fuji. Payout-wise, a line of premiums pays anything from 5x to 20x the wager for 6 matching symbols, regardless of type, across an entire payline. If six wilds appear on a pay line, the payout will be 30 times the wager. That doesn’t happen very often, though, and usually wilds will just replace any of the pay symbols.

Features for the Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer’s two free-spin bonus features, Jetsetter Free Spins and Frequent Flyer Free Spins, come in a wide variety of permutations.

It’s significantly less difficult to initiate Jetsetter Free Spins. When 5 flap symbols appear on the reels, the corresponding destination on the display board is unlocked. When this occurs, the player receives 3 free spins with a random win multiplier of 2x-6x or 2 to 10 shuffling wilds. It is possible to land a +3 icon and use the flap symbols to spell out a city name at the same time. Here, instead of 3, you get 6 spins at no cost.

When you correctly spell one of the locations and win Jetsetter Free Spins, a stamp will show next to the corresponding name on the display. Earn Frequent Flyer Free Spins by completing a stamp collection for each of the 10 locations. You can customize this function in one of four ways:

Relax and Unwind: 5 free games multiplied by 3 and accompanied by 3 wild cards.

Skytours: three free spins with a multiplier of two times and six wilds.

Gurus of the Road: 6x multiplier and 1 wild during your 5 free games.

Gamble for a chance at 4-20 extra spins, 2-6x multiplier, and 1-10 extra wilds. If you’ve been experimenting with different bet sizes, the Frequent Flyer round will utilize a weighted average of your previous wagers. Once the Frequent Flyer segment is over, the stamps are taken from the board and the world tour can resume.

The last bonus is the Final Call feature, which improves your odds of triggering the feature by randomly adding two flap symbols to the reels as they spin.

Conclusions from Frequent Flyers

Though it can’t compare to the anticipation of a long-haul flight and the chance to relax in an airport lounge, it does have its perks. The jazzy, golden era atmosphere is incredibly calming and puts you in a great attitude. The arrival/departure board is clever too, blending neatly with the features.

Relax Gaming has selected a variety of cities, both well-known and less so, for its players to visit. Although they were limited to five-letter locations, it’s not every day that you fly to places like Perth, Delhi, or Quito, marking them off as you go. The base game is broken up with Jetsetter Free Spins and the Frequent Flyer Free Spins offer you a purpose to sink into.

There are some potential downsides in addition to the upsides. The 6×4 grid, for one, seems excessive given the number of paylines it contains. The game also becomes repetitive and boring after a time. What we mean is, regardless of whether the trigger is set in Cairo or Miami, the identical visuals will appear on the screen. It would have been good if the landscape had changed more drastically when traveling to places like Aldo’s Journey.

To be fair, though, that’s more of a wish list than a serious criticism. If you enjoy a high degree of uncertainty in your gaming, you will appreciate the underlying statistics. There’s no need to complain about the potential for rewards of up to five thousand times the initial wager. If you put in the mental effort, Frequent Flyer can serve as a portal to the rest of the world. What Frequent Flyer does offer is fine for a little of escape, but it should have expanded the doorway a little broader.






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