Mansour suspended for four years

Zamalek club president Mortada Mansour has been suspended from the Egyptian Olympic Committee as more charges against him have been pressed.

Although Mansour said that he would still work as normal without any changes in his duties, last Sunday, the committee along with the nation’s minister of youth and sport, Ashraf Sobhy, charged the 68-year-old and subsequently fined him EGP100 000.

According to the Egypt Independent, the main reason why the president was suspended occurred due to his disapproval of representing Zamalek in judicial matters.

As a consequence, Mansour’s signature on any financial or official club document will be counted as null and void. In reaction to this, the White Knights’ board of directors have begun discussions regarding who could fill the Board of Director’s vacant seat.

The EOC (Egyptian Olympic Committee) has also taken further action by filing a case with the Public Prosecutor regarding the Zamalek’s reported violation of broadcasting laws as per the Media Honour Charter, which was also done under Mansour’s watch.

These added accusations could see the controversial football figure charged criminally should the committee win the cases brought against him.